Listen to Heidi MacDonald, The Beat herself, discuss 2011 in comics on a special year-end edition of More To Come, the PW Comics World podcast!

The logo of the PW Comics World More To Come podcastAs you may or may not know, Heidi has been one of the hosts of our bi-weekly comics news podcast for the past several months. In this episode, Heidi MacDonald and her co-hosts PW Comics World editor Calvin Reid and I discuss the biggest trends and events of the past year, including the closing of Borders, the rise of Kickstarter and the growing visibility of female comics fans and creators.

Ring Out The Old: 2011 in Review is Episode 14, so if you like what you hear and you haven’t tuned in before, there’s a whole lot more of Heidi where that came from!

Click here for a link to both parts of our special double-length episode. For best results, downloading is recommended instead of streaming.

More to Come is also available free by subscription and individual download on iTunes.