25987383.jpgThe Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is a webcomic by writer Alex Woolfson who has made a strong cottage industry out of his gay-themed comics. The art is by Adam DeKraker and colorist Veronica Gandid. Woolfson is wuite the webcomics expert: his  previous webcomic, Artifice is finished and has some print volumes out.) His Patreon makes $6000 a month, so he has a strong following and his own publishing company, Yaoi911.

The Young Protectors is very much a traditional superhero story: Kyle is a closeted teen who can control fire – under the guise of Red Hot he’s part of the supergroup known as the Young Protectors. But one day, Kyle decides to take a big step and visit a gay bar, only to be confronted by the villain The Annihilator who threatens to reveal his secret…and complications and maybe romance ensue.

You can actually download the Kindle version of the first volume of Young Protectors for free if you have Amazon Prime.

I should note that this is a pretty old school book, with issues o coercion leading to romance that some may find objectionable. For those who are into it, DeKraker and colorist Gandini provide solid storytelling for a fun superhero melodrama with strong gay themes.

The Beat interviewed Woolfson many years ago!