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This is an experiment that will either get some good comics some good exposure…or melt our bandwidth! Every day it seems we get a preview of a comic that is worthy of some attention and exposure. So for the next 30 days we’re going to try to post one a day. Please, share via Facebook or retweet or link or whatever.

We kick things off with a dandy: Return of the Dapper Men by James McCann and Janet Lee. If you’ve been out on the convention trail you may have seen Lee’s incredibly collage artwork, sculpted from thick, heavy blocks of wood. Transporting the original art takes super strength. But beyond her stunning imagery there’s a sweet fantasy story by McCann that touches on classic themes and images of children’s literature while giving it its own unique spin.

Archaia just made the first 15 pages available for preview, and without further ado — here they are.

RotDM Introduction_PG1.jpg

RotDM Introduction_PG2.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG1.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG2.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG3.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG4.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG5.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG6.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG7.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG8.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG9.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG10.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG11.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG12.jpg

RotDM Preview_PG13.jpg


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