Cartoonist Michael Aushenker sent us a link that provides a bit more information on the enigmatic Patrick McGoohan, who died last week. Aushenker is also a staff writer for the Palisadian-Post, the weekly community newspaper of Pacific Palisades, CA, where the McGoohans lived since the late 1970s. He got the privileged chance to write the only obit that included extensive input from Patrick McGoohan’s wife, Joan Drummond McGoohan, whom he describes as “a sweet woman with the most adorable British lilt in her voice.”

”The Prisoner’ summed up what he felt,’ Joan McGoohan continued. ‘He thought it was very contemporary. He was an independent thinker. He followed all world happenings, the Middle East. He was a brilliant mind. All sorts of people, when they met him, they listened. Where it came from, I have no idea.”

The couple were regulars around the village that forms the center of the community:

Locally, the McGoohans frequented Sam’s at the Beach restaurant in Santa Monica Canyon. In the village, they dined at Modo Mio.

Joan McGoohan enjoyed a laugh at the notion that, in a sense, No. 6 never left ‘the village.’

‘He would get up at the crack of dawn, get the New York Times, and get some coffee at Mort’s or Starbucks,’ she said. ‘He wrote. Always, always.’


  1. We need more independent thinkers.

    (Note: Independent thinking does not preclude one from agreeing with another’s thought.)

  2. Incidentally, that Starbucks on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica where he frequented is the only place where there’s a bathroom where do you don’t have to pay to get into. Always a long line to use that uni-toilet.

    Alan Sinder, my editor on Deposit Man is supposed to post something on my blog http://www.purplepinupguru.blogspot.com about his personal experiences hanging out with this legendary thespian. He’s really been out of it of late when I told him the news.

    I’ll let you all know when he snaps out of it.



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