Dean Haspiel went off with a specially selected group of artists and cartoonists to Florida a few weeks ago, as part of a comic-arts residency at the Atlantic Centre for the Arts. As part of the mentoring scheme, he tried an artistic experiment, which yielded some pretty interesting (and, well, pretty) results.

Haspiel wrote a small story, one page long, and asked each of his eight chosen artists to interpret and draw the piece in their own style. Some of them play around with design, some have fun with lettering and layout. Many of them spin off strange ideas from the story and change the meaning of it entirely. And some are, well, pretty. Did I already say that?


You can find a link to see all the pages here, along with Haspiel’s explanation of the project. The artists featured are Fionnuala Doran, Meghan Lands, George Jurard, Gregory Mackay, Jess Ruliffson, JP Pollard, James Greene, Christa Cassano… and Haspiel himself. Collectively, they call themselves Studio Yolo.

But, let’s gloss over that and look instead at some of the pages. You can find the rest via the link above, but here’s a page to start with, created by Fionnuala Doran.  That’s right – THE Fionnuala Doran! She’s very Irish and famous.



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