Sad days in the world of pro wrestling, especially if you are a fan of the Lucha Libre style.

On tonight’s 75th Anniversary CMLL show in Mexico City, Blue Panther, one of the most accomplished luchadors of the modern era, shockingly lost his mask in the main event against Villano V.

If you think comics nerds get upset when some Silver Age “B” level villain gets a costume change, you should see how Lucha loving wrestling nerds are reacting to this shocking development. Imagine if Batman was killed not by the Joker or Ra’s Al Ghul, but by The Signalman or The Cavalier?

As the Beat would likely say in this situation, “We need to go lie down.” We know there are plenty of comics folks out there who dig the Mexican wrestling (since we used to supply them with tapes back in the day), so our condolences go out to them too.

so sad
still sad

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. ” Imagine if Batman was killed not by the Joker or Ra’s Al Ghul, but by The Signalman or The Cavalier?”

    Actually that would be very cool.

  2. I don’t know what’s worse: The fact he lost his mask, or that he lost to one of the VILLANO’S??????????????????????

    Oh well, he could always go to WWE and wrestle with the mask on. LOL and hope no one ever tries to kill him (Hey Mysterio! :-) )

    I still don’t know how he’s even able to justify that to anyone down in Mexico (if he even can!)

  3. I literally know nothing about this form of entertainment. Does that mean he lost the fight? Does he have to retire now? Why do they wear masks, other than to look cool?

  4. Hmmm… He couldn’t pull a Menudo and have someone else wrestle under the mask?
    A recent issue of National Geographic profiled women wrestlers in Peru. Not much glamour, but lots of heart.

  5. Wrong metaphor, Mark. This is more like Spider-Man getting unmasked by the Spot. This gentleman still has his hair. Was his identity secret?

  6. If I hadn’t already made a lucha libre post, this would have been one.

    From an upcoming AAA show in Mexico:

    2) El Relampago, Kempo Dragon, Linterna Verde vs Mercenario, Pesadilla, Siniestro

    Yes, Green Lantern vs Sinestro. I hope this makes TV.

  7. Patrick for Mexican wrestling wearing the masks is a very important heritage.

    In some cases the masks are passed down from father to son through the generations if the family has a legacy in the industry.

    Usually the wrestlers are never seen not wearing the masks and if you lose a mask match, you NEVER wear one again anywhere. At least you’re not supposed to. In Mexico they take that EXTREMELY seriously.

    One of the most popular luchadores Rey Mysterio Jr, lost his right to wear his mask when he was in WCW. He wrestled for a year or two afterwards without it.

    When he signed with WWE they asked him to put the mask back on. He CANNOT do that anywhere in Mexico. If he wears the mask out there, he’s going to get assaulted (or worse). And WWE acts like he’s never taken the mask off and no one’s ever seen his face, ignoring what happened in WCW (even though they own the video rights and its easy to find on Youtube.)

    But Mysterio doesn’t ever talk about the fact he really shouldn’t be wearing the mask either. Its really a slap in the face to Luchador wrestling history.

  8. I believe when wwe runs mexico, rey works with the hood on.

    And a number of luchadors who have lost their masks wear them when they work in the us or japan. I know that pantera does.

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