DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan Didio appeared in an online Q&A with ComicVine. Didio teased a controversial moment taking place in the DC Universe: Rebirth #1 one-shot which kicks off the brand new slate of titles for DC dubbed “Rebirth.” The comic is written by Geoff Johns (Justice League) with art from Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern: Rebirth), Ivan Reis (Aquaman), Gary Frank (Batman: Earth One) and Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman) slated for release May 25.

Didio also teased the announcement at WonderCon with creative team reveals.  He called Rebirth a “return to greatness” further revealing that the special contains: “the single most controversial scene in DC Comics since the time I have been there.” For more on Rebirth here’s criticism on the reveal of the announcement and a cry for comics creators to be recognized instead of just the intellectual properties.

What’s the shocking moment going to be? Something akin to Identity Crisis (I hope not.) Another callback to the spine-shattering Batman: The Killing Joke bullet? Dick Grayson as Batman again? Do you think Rebirth will re-ignite your love of DC Comics…I think it might be worth a shot (and I hope that none of the moments I alluded to above actually transpire in the story.)


  1. “The comic is written by Geoff Johns (Justice League) with art from Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern: Rebirth), Ivan Reis (Aquaman), Gary Frank (Batman: Earth One) and Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman) ”

    Doesn’t sound like a fresh start to me….

  2. Superman kills someone. Oh, wait, they already did that in Injustice.
    A lone wolf goes on a mass-shooting spree, killing a supporting character.
    (Cue the “purple skins” scene from Green Lantern #76.)

  3. Meh. I’m not sure DC can go in another direction with hype like this. The real news is the creative assignments. Admittedly, this big one shot doesn’t sound particularly new or different to me, either. Fingers crossed, and for cryin out loud, let’s see who the creators are already!

  4. It seems there will be some sort of amalgam of past continuity in DC’s “Rebirth”. With that in mind, I’ve jotted down the top ten possibilities on what that “controversial scene” might be:

    #10 – Superman uses his magical eye vision from Superman IV and builds a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

    #9 – Bruce Wayne finally comes out of the closet and wears his Rainbow Batman costume from the 1950’s.

    #8 – Wonder Woman brings her Lasso of Truth out of mothballs and uses it on candidates in the Presidential debates (all fail.)

    #7 – Mighty Isis is detained by airport security for, well — being called Mighty Isis.

    #6 – The Vigilante becomes a right-wing radio talk show host.

    #5 – The Red Lanterns are discovered to be running a brothel in Amsterdam.

    #4 – The Teen Titans are shut down by Child Protective Services,

    #3 – A supporting female character from past continuity is NOT revived for the sole purpose of being raped, beaten or shot in the spine.

    #2 – In order to complete All Star Batman and Robin — Rip Hunter, the Infinite Man, Clock King, Tick Tock Tyler The Hour-man, Chronos and the Time Trapper lock Jim Lee and Frank Miller into the Legion of Super-Heroes time bubble — give them all the time in the world — and they still can’t finish it.

    And finally — the #1 possible “controversial scene” will be —

    The Flash’s Mopee is blamed for the New 52.

  5. A return to the pre-flashpoint DCU would be nice. keep what worked from Nu52, but incorporate it into the previous canon. And just bring back the old costumes for characters like Superman. going tacticool LINESLINESLINES and no underwear was cool at first, but it’s gotten old.

  6. They’re going to show us that Uncle Ben is alive and served as an assassin for the Soviet Union.

  7. I know – Max Lord will shoot Blue Beetle in the head.

    No wait – Wonder Woman will strangle Max Lord with her magic lasso.

    Oh I’ve got it – how about having Dr Light turn out to be a rapist?

    Or maybe they can have Superboy beat the Golden Age Superman to death with his bare hands.

    I guess to be fair to DC – they were selling a lot more books back when they were pulling cynical stunts like that than they are now, so I can see why they would be looking to recapture the “magic.”

  8. I was very excited for DC Rebirth – it gives me Hope – which I haven’t had since… 2010? I haven’t been excited by a DC Comics announcement since 2010.

    But then Dan says something abominably stupid like this. I’m still excited and hopeful, but less so than before this asinine comment.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t involve any rape or dismemberment! but the track record suggests otherwise… ugh. :(

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