In a scene out of a biblical epic or perhaps crazed supervillain attack, the bugs descended last night on Cleveland’s Jacobs field during the playoff game between the Yankees and Indians. The bugs are apparently called “Canadian Soldiers.” Cleveland won the game in extra innings.

posted by Mark Coale


  1. Heh. I went to Cleveland last year to catch a baseball game. Those bugs were everywhere. They hung out by building, mainly – I was amazed by how many people were sitting at outdoor cafes and restaurants while the bugs swarmed around them.

  2. I read an interview with the home plate umpire where he said that they didn’t delay the game because “nobody requested it.” Which, to me, means that Torre only had to ask for a delay. I was going bananas trying to figure out why they couldn’t stop for 30 minutes to see if the bugs would disperse.

    What a revoltin’ development.

  3. Find out where Tony K is gonna be back on radio and stopping “bugging” us with other stuff, Coale.

    Mark, in all seriousness, please do more posts like this. A delay of game on account of infestation would have been hilarious…

  4. If I had to make a bet, I’d say he goes back to 980, since the only reason he went to WAPO was loyalty to the Post. Now that it’s not Post radio, I doubt he goes back.

  5. has a good article on the game. Technically known as Hexagenia, mayflys require pollution free lakes to reproduce.
    That said, it reminds me of my college days in eastern Iowa, when the campus would be overrun with boxelder bugs.
    and to tie it all together, read The Iowa Baseball Confederacy, by Kinsella, who has been adapted into comics.

  6. I don’t watch the show, only listen to recaps of it. I have heard this Joe fella is the biggest wussy in the history of the show, even worse than Noah.

  7. There’s nothing stranger than an Indians playoff game and last night was no exception. I found it amusing to watch all those overpaid Yankees players swatting and twitching like a bunch of junkies going through withdrawal, while the Indians players simply waved a couple of times then went on pitching or hitting. What primadonna crybabies.

    Two down, one to go.

  8. I’m a Clevelander and was in NY for the weekend and yes I did hear: “I bet Cleveland had a big box of these and just unleashed them on the Yankees.” I find more solace in the fact that these were indeed a plague from the Big Cooperstown in the sky sent to harass Joba and “Jetes.” Sorry NY fans — it’s been a looooooooooooooooooong time for us. We will come with bats, balls, and bugs.