Crime Suspenstories19
So our primary gmail account had by noontime yesterday reached this amount of capacity. We are certain that no one reading this could be unaware of the distress this caused. Although we have backed up our account at certain intervals, it is still accounted a most useful Encyclopedia, especially while upon travels. Although most guides suggest to delete attachments, old messages and the like, as a packrat of good standing, it is not in our nature to hit that delete button, especially when that one link we are always forgetting, or the last password or a secret fact may be buried somewhere in the wilds of 2005.

Still, matters had to be rectified. After deleting a months worth of press releases from a certain few companies — those which come with a cover ans five pages of interiors of every book mentioned — we are now down to 92%. Yes it was that easy.

And there we stand for the moment. A more thorough cleansing will have to be undertaken over the weekend, after the proper backup precautions are made and burnt and taken to a secure location and so on. Another thing to do in Hell Week. Still…you may have thought this could never happen to you….but it can, oh my yes, it can.

MEANWHILE…we are kind of plowing through the PR and the inbox. A lot of stuff is getting shuffled off to the side and if we owed you a phone call or an email or money or something, keep yelling.

EVEN WORSE, because we are rereading a bunch of HARRY POTTER book prior to Pötterdämmerung on the 21st, we haven’t had time to read any of our MoCCA loot, or the Caniff bio or the Schulz bio, or CROOKED LITTLE VEIN, or the new NEXUS or anything else that is stacked up here. It is very bad, very bad.

BE THAT AS IT MAY, keep those emails coming. We’re getting into the groove now…the groove…the groove…

NP: Moisture Seekers from the album “Uh-Oh” by Tipsy, which we just discovered, and that made us sad, becuase we wish we had heard these guys back in the late 90s when everything was different and fresh and new, like a fresh baked waffle. We love this band very much, but you can download all their stuff off iTunes, like we did. So you know, that’s good and it’s helping with the deadlines and everything.