Marvel announced today, via Polygon, the universe of the Fox kids X-Men animated series would be part of their up coming Secret Wars event. X-Men ’92 will be a digital first series featuring the creative team of writers Chris Sims & Chad Bowers with Scott Koblish on art duties. The series was listed as an ongoing, but no plot details were given.

X-Men Animated debuted in 1992 and produced 76 episodes over five years. The show’s booming popularity went hand in hand with Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s record shattering X-Men #1, which lead to the over saturation of X-titles in the 90’s. But does anyone still have those Pizza Hut comics and cups?

This new Infinite Comic debuts digitally in May and will see print in June. It’ll be fun to see how the creative team closes the open loops the cartoon left behind such as Professor X still in space with the Shi’ar after being infected with the Legacy Virus.



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