As we’ve been reminding you all month, tomorrow is Halloween Comic Fest, one of those Diamond supported comic book holidays. Participating stores will have special Halloween swag on sale and Halloween themed events that will have you shrieking with all the fun.

It just so happens that one of the most amazing comics of all times will be part of the Halloween Comics Fest selection. It’s well known that Disney comics are very popular in Europe, particularly Italy, and that Topolino, a magazine mixing comics and articles, is one of the most popular magazines in Italy. And Mickey Mouse has been one of the most popular characters in Topolino, with fantastic work from the great Italian Disney masters for over four decades.

However, the Italian Disney arm is also a lot more relaxed about what they have Disney characters doing — from Topolino’s inception in 1949,  Disney Italia was a lot less straight-laced then Disney stateside.

Hence the glory that is Mickey’s Inferno, or L’Inferno di Topolino, as it was called in its original publication in 1949! This was one of the first great Mickey epics in Topolino; written by Guido Martina and drawn by Angelo Bioletti, it takes Mickey and Donald into the deepest realms of a Hell inhabited by…other Disney characters! This comics was legend when I worked at Disney back in the day, and although an English language version came out about a decade ago, it isn’t that well known.

But now, Papercutz is bringing it back for all to enjoy, in an English version redialoged by Stefan Petrucha. For Halloween Comics Vest they’ll have special mini-comics that come in a 25-pack to give away to trick or treaters. Becuase nothing says Halloween like Mickey and Goofy going in hell. (Donald was already firmly enchrined there.)

The final volume comes out in December. And then everyone can enjoy one of the weirdest comics of all times.

Here’s a few pages for your enjoyment!