Last spring Starbucks created a sensation with a “Unicorn Frappucino” that was pink and blue and sparkly and so full of sugar that your teeth crumbled into black cinders as soon as you drank it.

But that was not enough.

And the hot rumor of the season is that a special limited edition  “Zombie Frappucino”  is coming for Halloween.

The drink, which follows on the tail of the store’s infamous Unicorn and Mermaid frappuccinos, will consist of green caramel apple powder, pink powder, pink “brains” whipped cream and a “pink mocha drizzle,” according to the apparent recipe.

While Starbucks itself hasn’t publicly announced the beverage, baristas have been tweeting for days about the spooky flavor.

Like its colorful predecessors, the Zombie Frappuccino is bound to be popular — the advertising proclaims “You’ll lose your mind!” — and will likely be very limited due to the scarcity of ingredients, so you’re going to want to act quickly to get your hands on one.

The beverage will reportedly launch Oct. 26 and be available through Oct. 31.

I don’t know what is the scariest thing about this – the crazed rush at Starbucks that will ensue…or the idea of a “pink mocha drizzle” mixed with “green caramel apple powder.”

I mean, blechhh.

That said, I will be lining up for one at the crack of dawn.

How about you? Are you up for a zombie themed iced slushy drink?




  1. Ew. I wish they could come up with inventive drinks like this that didn’t have so much sugar. I’m definitely the target market for things like the Unicorn frappe, but the sugar content makes it a no-go for me.

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