It seems we’re not the only ones obsessed with Halloween—Mike Mignola and Dark Hose have been running a 13 Days of Hellboy festival, celebrating all kinds of artwork and story reveals in the Hellboy.

And we’re officially crossing over with this exclusive reveal of Mignola’s cover for the trade paperback Witchfinder: The Mysteries Of Unland. This is the latest book in a Hellboy spin-off series that centers on Sir Edward Grey, a Victorian detective of the occult who figures in the past of the Hellboy timeline.

This mini-series features art by Tyler Crook and colorist Dave Stewart and a script by acclaimed horror writer Kim Newman, best known for ANNO DRACULA, a take on the historic bloodsucker much admired by authors including Neil Gaiman; and British Fantasy Award nominee Maura McHugh (Jennifer Wilde). 

The story involves Grey investigating a swamp called the Unlands which happens to be full of  giant eels—and let’s face it, nothing says Halloween like a swamp full of giant eels.


Here’s all the 13 days of Hellboy announcements thus far:

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Friday October 3 – HELLBOY & THE BPRD  preview

Saturday October 4 – BPRD 1946-1948 new cover by Laurence Campbell

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