mrChick.jpgJack T. Chick, homophobic cartooning demagogue, dies the other day and although it was said that he was reclusive, his website has a verified recentish photo of him and even a video, so he wasn’t all that camera shy.

Although Halloween was one of the most hated things on Chick’s list – along with Catholics, gay people, Jewish people, D&D players, heavy meteal fans and so on — that didn’t stop him from making a whole range of Halloween tracts. Parents were encouraged to give these out instead of Halloween on the day, a trick indeed for kids who didn’t want to be lctured about the devil.

The stories follow a familiar path: what seems like innocent fun is actually the Devil tricking people into falling into his clutches! Personally, the real hate that Chick’s comics reflect prevents me from enjoying the kitcshy asects of them, but…they are pretty kitchsy on that level.







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