Comics biggest distributor Diamond has slowly been working to make Halloween a huge promotional day for comics shops, with special comics, contests and more. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take too much to get in the Halloween mood, and the promotion has been a big success. You can see a list of special Halloween comcis on the Halloween Comicfest website, such as this one spotlighting Boom! Studios spooky anthology with seasonal stories from Adventure Time, Fraggle Rock and more. This particular story features writing by Bryce Carlson and art by Frazer IRving in a VERY DIFFERENT Adventure Time story.

Click to access STK650211.pdf



  1. Today is the last day to order Boom! Studios Halloween pack!

    $20, 50 comics!

    I didn’t order the minis this year for trick-or-treaters… fewer titles than last year, and with the increase in regular comics, it seems that this is turning into another Free Comic Book Day event.

    (Did any retailers order the mini packs to sell to customers wanting to hand them out to trick-or-treaters?)

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