Beat favorite webcomic Breaking Cat News has been on hiatus since August, but why not revisit the classic Breaking Cat News Halloween Special from 2015, in which Puck encounters a ghost cat who is set on…knocking things off shelves.

For those who haven’t experienced it before, Georgia Dunn’s webcomic mixes family life, news tropes and three inquisitive cats named Puck, Elvis and Lupin, who insist on investigating everything the humans do, resulting in reports that are hilarious to anyone who owns cats or likes reading about cats on the internet. 99% of the human populace, in other words. A BCN print collection came out earlier this year, so you can relive your favorite strips over and over even when you aren’t connected to the internet. Amazing.

Dunn and family reently moved to Seattle, resulting in the hiatus – and can you blame them for sitting out this newws cycle? Hopefully the crew will be back on the job soon.


  1. I can never thank you enough for turning me on to this. I’ve participated in at least two of Georgia’s live-drawing events online, and of course have the paperback on my shelf. Can’t wait until she starts the new strips again!

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