Comic lovers around the country rejoice every first Saturday in May, the day when everyone is graced with a selection of free comics. Whether you be a first-time comic reader or a seasoned vet, it’s always a treat to have a new diverse selection of free comics at your disposal.

While there’s quite a number of comics to get ahold of, here’s a look at  some of the titles that will be released this Saturday.


If you’ve been keeping up with all the new titles coming out from the new 52, this is the chance to get an exclusive look at what lies ahead for your favorite revamped characters. Featured in this exclusive is also a new story by New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns.


If you’ve been looking for a compilation of upcoming Image titles, here’s your chance!  With six all new titles being revealed, including “Revival” by Tim Seeley & Mike Norton, this seems like it’ll add even more great works to Image’s already impressive repertoire.

At a whopping 48 pages, Archaia reveals a new story about Jim Henson’s LABRYRINTH’s MOUSE GUARD. This one seems to be quite the collector’s piece, boasting stories from Ted Naifeh, Cory Godbey, and Jim McCann to name a few. Being released as a hardcover, this anthology is stepping up from the usual issues offerred, so keep an eye out for this one!

For you gaming fans out there, Archie Comics Publications is paying homage to the classic videogame  with the first classic issue of MEGA MAN. Also included will be a preview of another upcoming series, called THE CRUSADERS.

For a more complete listing of what Free Comic Book Day has to offer, check out


  1. Really looking forward to that Archaia hardcover. Smart of them to break out of the usual mold for FCBD. I’ve also noticed that this year, they have been a number of publishers with TWO Silver Sponsor books. Used to be that that they only way to have two books for FCBD was to have a Gold Sponsor title and a Silver Sponsor one.

  2. Jacob, if you mean the likes of Fantagraphics, Oni, Top Shelf…


    Will they be doing alt/indie stories?

    Mostly no. They’re publishing kid-friendly titles, which is the way to go, since that’s where the money is: adults buying books for kids, where that kid could be a grandson, a niece, a student, or a library patron.

    (Why DC makes the New 52 a gold title, I don’t know… the DC Nation (hello, major television tie-in! New app! New magazine!) book should be front and center. And Vertigo, with their recent launching of many amazing titles, should have a sampler as well!)

    However, if you want something alternative, there is the “censored” Howard Cruse (happy birthday!) comic from Boomtown.

  3. i looked through the website after posting. the Cruse caught my eye, but it still feels like retailers & the direct market simply don’t care about catering to comic readers like myself.
    it can be frustrating.
    just another reminder that i’m more likely to find a comic that appeals to me by walking into a bookstore or gallery instead of an actual comic shop.

    anyway, just ranting, dont want to derail the thread.
    if these books get more regular people reading comics, it will help everyone.

  4. Ooh… just got my hands on the DC New 52 FCBD comic… it’s a preview for “Trinity War”, and the Earth-2 titles.

    All I’m gonna say is “Rock of Eternity” and “Hooded Girl”. And wait until you see that four-page centerfold!

    The Superman Family Adventures preview… it’s the same one that’s been appearing in the regular comics. But there are GL and YJ previews, so it might be worth picking up.

  5. I am less excited about FCBD this year. Not sure exactly why. Maybe the chaos and the crowds. But I will still check things out and see what ‘real comics’ might be discounted that day.