Another new comics publisher? You bet! 247 Comics is a newish player on the scene, with a business model based on Web3 technology that promises a “sustainable model” for creators, and unique access to the process for the community. The company founder is Carl Choi, an entrepreneur with a background in live events/experiences, and to be fair, good taste in LA activities.

Now you may be eye rolling at this, but at least some good people are involved, including veteran editor Shawna Gore, who is on board as consulting editor, and a bunch of notable creators including: Justin Jordan (Luther Strode, Call of Duty, Shadowman), Brian Buccellato (The Flash, Batman, Chicken Devil), Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (frequent collaborator of Hellboy creator Mike Mignola), Brian Ching (Star Wars, Supergirl, Witchblade), Curtis Clow (Beastlands, Majestic), Creees (Shang-Chi, Dr. Strange, X-Men), Priscilla Petraites (Harley Quinn, Batman), Wil Quintana (Superman, Wolverine), and Jarel Threat (Magic: The Gathering).

Sean Chen was the first creator to announce a project for 247, Genesis, a saga about an Asian-American family, big tech and big corporations.

247 aims to change the way creators are paid, presumably using blockchain technology. Their output will apparently be NFT-based, so  you may have stopped reading already, but this use of technology isn’t going to go away and maybe someday they’ll get it right. Maybe 247 will be the one! According to Choi’s twitter bio  “Comic Books saved my life so I’m partnering creators with tech to return the favor” – which is a nice goal. I’ve been promised an interview with Choi And Gore next week, so hopefully we can learn more about it then.


You can read the rest of the plan and statements in the PR below.

247 Comics Publisher Carl Choi says “Hollywood Movies and TV shows sourced from comic books make billions while most of the creators of these characters do not reap the rewards. In collaboration with our creators, we developed a partnership-publishing model where creators are ensured they are compensated for their work and are lifetime participants of the IP’s upside.”

Justin Jordan says “Comics is always changing and evolving. There’s a lot of different ways to get them, and there’s more coming, so it’s fun to be on the forefront of that. This is perfectly embodied in a company like 247, who I worked with to make sure creators are fairly compensated when a book succeeds. We’ve made some cool stuff, and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Shawna Gore adds “I love this art form and care deeply about the creators who pour their lives into the hard work of storytelling, but I don’t love it when their series are canceled. And I don’t love distribution monopolies. And I don’t love low page rates, non-existent royalties, and punishing schedules for creators. I’m proud of the editorial work we’ve been doing at 247 Comics in true, long-term partnership with our creators—these are great stories with gorgeous art, and that will always be at the heart of our mission.”

For readers, 247 will harness the power of emerging technology for an unparalleled reading and collecting experience. For creators, this same technology creates a more sustainable business model, compensating them not only for their initial creative contributions and associated royalties, but generating a lifetime revenue stream, even on secondary sales and the life of their IP in the hands of collectors and studio executives alike.. While misinformation has plagued the comic book industry, blockchain has emerged as one of the most important and revolutionary discoveries of the 21st-century, a paradigm shift towards decentralization and democratization of entertainment and commerce. This market has remained in flux, but the impact of this revolutionary technology remains undeniable, and 247 Comics will change the course of the conversation around this emerging space.

Connected through a collective passion for art and story, 247 represents an ever-expanding network of top creators in comics and thought leaders, trendsetters and tastemakers in technology. Through a decentralized community ownership model made possible by emerging technology, the success of each new comic series will be determined by collectors, who can directly participate in the growth and expansion of each franchise, as well 247’s impact on the overall world of entertainment in all its forms from the blockchain to the bookshelf. 247 Comics invites the community to help build a a reading and collecting experience unlike any other.

Visit https://247comics.com/ to learn more, and follow the 247 Comics Twitter  and Instagram, and join the community on Discord to keep up with all of the most exciting news on comics in Web3, as well as exclusive mint list access!


  1. Horseshit. No details provided about how they plan to actually implement the technology so this announcement represents nothing but a lot of dated bluster with which they once hoped to attract gullible investors.

    Probably would have had a lot better chance of working before the crypto crash, but now? Next to nil. Hope the creators involved hold on to their IP, or at least didn’t sign it away too cheaply in exchange for their names being attached to this transparent scheme!

  2. This statement is nothing more than a bunch of out-of-date hyperbole used to entice credulous investors in the past, as there were no specifics offered on how they intended to really apply the technology. Before the crypto meltdown, it probably would have had a far greater odds of succeeding, but now? Almost nothing Hoping the engaged inventors maintain their intellectual property, or at the very least did not sign it away too cheaply in return for their identities being associated with an open-minded initiative!

  3. As always, this reeks of being a scam, and I am amazed –not to mention disappointed– that comic creators are either gullible enough to fall for these snake oil peddlers, or simply don’t care and will choose potential monetary gain over ethics.

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