I think comedy is the toughest impression to pull with comics. It’s not easy to create something humorous and memorable – something that makes you laugh out loud – using the visual narrative. Josh Mecouch, the creator of Formalsweat Pants,  makes it look easy.



I first learned about Formalsweat pants because Rob Delaney tweeted the link to his webcomic ‘Rob and Mitt’ during the 2012 election season. Mecouch (has to be a pen name) was illustrating Rob Delany’s tweets to Mitt Romney. The amount of heart and soul to these comics which will become so dated is pretty extraordinary.


Formalsweat Pants is  a webcomic that used to update every Monday. Mecouch has masted the three panel strip format. Topic, premise, punch line. It’s the kind of humor you hear on your favorite podcasts like “You made it Weird” with Pete Holmes and Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. Find more at http://formalsweatpants.com

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