Let’s try something a little different, as we’re a short way into our 24 hours now. Bottom of the Ninth was launched last year by Ryan Woodward, and is an animated comic strip. If you click on each panel of each page, there’s usually a sound clip or animation detailing the progression of the story at that point. It’s an interactive piece of work which adds sound and music and motion to the story, to play around with the idea of what a comic really is.


You also have to work out for yourself that the pages turn if you click the bottom right-hand corner. The images here are from his concept work, because each page of the comic is a carefully-crafted multimedia work which tells a simple story. The ideas and experiments don’t detract from the comic itself or make it unreadable – they create a different experience, much like Think Tank does.


You can pick up the comic as an app – that was the original intention – but it works just as well on your computer, if you have a fast computer. It’s a lovely thing, with the animation not distracting too much from the story itself. Woodward’s art is as interesting as his animation, and the story is interesting too. It’s an experiment above all else, and a successful one. Have a look at http://www.bottom-of-the-ninth.com


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