Monsterverse presents another anthology, FLESH AND BLOOD a four-book new series of mature horror graphic novels written by Robert Tinnell and illustrated by Neil D. Vokes. Book One has a cover by Dan Brereton.

FLESH AND BLOOD Volume One begins with the bloody destruction of the legendary vampire, the darkly seductive Carmilla. Her death ignites an epic firestorm of events that draws the greatest icons of Gothic horror into battle across the lush backdrop of 19th century Europe. At the center of this ghastly conflict Baron Victor Frankenstein is forced to merge his diabolical scientific prowess with the black arts of a terrifying supernatural world. This unholy war between light and darkness will not be measured in months or years but across centuries of horror and devastation until one force reigns triumphant. Vampires, werewolves and scientific monsters are unleashed like nothing seen before in film, comics or literature.

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  1. Wow. Love. This. Book! Saw it at the Long Beach Comic Con last weekend at the Monsterverse table. Met Robert Tinnell, the writer of the book who I found out is the filmmaker who produced SURF NAZIS MUST DIE and wrote/directed/produced FRANKENSTEIN AND ME (a really cool film that ought to be released on DVD!). Went to the Monsterverse panel. Damn, wait until you see what else is coming! It’s sick has hell! This book and its story and art rocked beyond anything else I saw at LBCC (a great new con to go to out here in SoCal). They said they would be at the Comikaze event this coming weekend in downtown LA. The Monsterverse guys were very cool and publish a book called BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE, which I picked up, too. It’s an anthology book and is incredible! With a John Cassaday story in it and with a variant cover by Cassaday!

    Go check the Monsterverse comics out! They have a site on Facebook “Comics From The Monsterverse” and a Flesh and Blood one, too. And are on Twitter. I’m sticking with these books for a while. They deliver on the art and stories! Felt like I really got my money’s worth for the first time in years.

  2. Thanks for the kind words-we appreciate the feedback-one gets isolated sitting behind a drawing table all day- these kinds of response make it all worthwhile…;o)
    –Neil Vokes