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The nominees for the 2021 Ignatz Awards have just been announced; you can see all the nominees’ cover art here, or read on if you just can’t wait. As always, it’s a very diverse and eclectic list of titles and creators — many from newer names on the scene. We’re excited to check them out!

The Ignatzes honor the best in small press comics and are presented annually as a festival prize at the Small Press Expo (SPX); this year the ceremony will be virtual and voting will be via email. Nominees were selected by a panel of comics professionals. The 2021 Ignatz jurors are Sunmi, Nguyên Khôi Nguyễn, and Daniel Elkin.

The Ignatz Awards ceremony will be live-streamed via the SPX Youtube channel at 8PM on September 18.
Additional information about the nominees can be found at www.smallpressexpo.com.


Outstanding Artist
Ashanti Fortson – Leaf Lace (Hiveworks)
Lee Lai – Stone Fruit (Fantagraphics)
Arantza Peña Popo – Lavender Scare (self-published)
Damien Roudeau – Crude (Graphic Mundi)
Karl Stevens – Penny (Chronicle)
Outstanding Anthology
A Queer Prisoner’s Anthology IV – ed. by Casper Cendre (ABO)
Bystander (Kadak Collective)
Confined Before Covid: A Pandemic Anthology by LGBTQ Prisoners (ABO)
First Wave: Comics from the Early Months of China’s Outbreak – ed. by Xinmei Liu (Paradise Systems)
Glaeolia 2 (Glacier Bay Books)
Outstanding Collection
Sami Alwani – The Pleasure of the Text (Conundrum Press)
Ancco – Nineteen (Drawn & Quarterly)
Abby Howard – The Crossroads at Midnight (Iron Circus Comics)
Tess Scilipoti – Do You Think I Look Like a Girl? (self-published)
Kuniko Tsurita – The Sky is Blue with a Single Cloud (Drawn & Quarterly)
Outstanding Comic
EA Bethea – Francis Bacon (Domino Books)
Ashanti Fortson – Leaf Lace (Hiveworks)
Maddi Gonzalez – Rhapsodie (Fantagraphics)
Adam Szym – A Cordial Invitation (Fantagraphics)
Dominique Duong – The Dog & The Cat (self-published)
Outstanding Graphic Novel
Alex Graham – Dog Biscuits (self-published)
Jim Terry – Come Home, Indio (Street Noise Books)
Lee Lai – Stone Fruit (Fantagraphics)
Sloane Leong – A Map to the Sun (First Second)
Nico Harriman – Mr. H: Portrait of a High School Art Teacher (self-published)
Outstanding Minicomic
Brendan Leach – Slum Clearance Symphony (Czap Books)
Casey Nowak – Bodyseed (Diskette Press)
Arantza Peña Popo – Lavender Scare (self-published)
Whit Taylor – Montana Diary (Silver Sprocket)
Leda Zawacki – The Drain Pipe (self-published)
Outstanding Online Comic
Michael DeForge – Birds of Maine
Ashanti Fortson – Leaf Lace (Hiveworks)
Shing Yin Khor – I Do Not Want to Write Today
Susannah Lohr – Shadows Become You
Alec Robbins – Mr. Boop
Outstanding Series
Ex.Mag (Peow Studios)
Malarkey – November Garcia (Birdcage Bottom Books)
Ley Lines – ed. by Kevin Czapiewski (Czap Books)
Tongues – Anders Nilsen (self-published)
A Queer Prisoner’s Anthology IV – ed. by Casper Cendre (ABO)
Outstanding Story
Raquelle Jac – Misguided Love from Now #9 (Fantagraphics)
Ancco – Nineteen (Drawn & Quarterly)
Yeong-shin Ma – Moms (Drawn & Quarterly)
Freddy Carrasco – Personal Companion from Ex.Mag #1 (Peow Studios)
Stan Stanley – The Hazards of Love (Simon & Schuster)
Art by Pa-Luis
  • Ballots will be emailed on Thursday, September 2 to everyone on SPX’s email lists.
  • Voting begins Thursday, September 2 and ends on Sunday, September 12 at 11:59 PM (EDT).
  • Please check your spam folder if you do not see your ballot.
  • If you requested a ballot in 2020 or are already subscribed to SPX emails, you do not need to sign up again.
  • If you need a ballot, request one here.
  • New sign-ups will receive a ballot via email within 48-72 hours.

Key Dates for the 2021 Ignatz Awards

September 2 – Initial ballots emailed and voting begins
September 12 • 11:59 PM (EDT) – Voting for the 2021 Ignatz Awards ends
September 18 • 8:00 PM (EDT) – Online presentation of Ignatz Award winners



  1. Holy moly! I was nominated for something! Been working on my craft for 10 years and I never thought this would happen. I think I’m having a panic attack.

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