The 2018 Angoulême comics festival will be held January 25-28 next year, and today the official selections for the big prize were announced. The festival poster by the great Cosey was also unveiled. The nominees are here (via), with English titles added where not clear:

– Alors que j’essayais d’être quelqu’un de bien by Ulli Lust (çà et là)
– Les Amours suspendues by Marion Fayolle (Magnani)
– Au travail #2 by Olivier Josso-Hamel (L’Association)
– Bangalore by Simon Lamouret (Warum)
– Des Bâtisseurs by Yannis La Macchia (Atrabile)
– Beverly by Nick Drnaso (Presque Lune)
– Big Kids by Michael DeForge (Atrabile)
– Black dog – Les rêves de Paul Nash by Dave McKean (Glénat)
– Black Hammer by Dean Ormston and Jeff Lemire (Urban Comics)
– Black Project by Gareth Brookes (La Boîte à bulles)
– La Cantine de minuit #1 by Abe Yaro (Le Lézard Noir)
– Les Cent nuits de Héro (1000 Night of Hero) by Isabel Greenberg (Casterman)
– Ces jours qui disparaissent by Timothé Le Boucher (Glénat)
– Charlie Chan Hock Chye – Une vie dessinée by Sonny Liew (Urban Comics)
– Crache trois fois by Davide Reviati (Ici Même)
– Crépuscule by Jérémy Perrodeau (2024)
– Dans l’antre de la pénitence (House of Penance) by Ian Bertram et Dave Stewart par Peter J. Tomasi par (Glénat)
– Dans la combi de Thomas Pesquet by Marion Montaigne (Dargaud)
– Dans le noir by Daria Bogdanska (Rackham)
– Demon #3 by Jason Shiga (Cambourakis)
– Emma G. Wildford by Édith par Zidrou par (Soleil)
– Empress by Stuart Immonen and Mark Millar (Panini Comics)
– L’Enfant et le maudit #3 by Nagabe (Komikku)
– Epiphania #1 by Ludovic Debeurme (Casterman)
– Guirlanda by Lorenzo Mattotti par Jerry Kramsky par (Casterman)
– Gus #4 by Christophe Blain (Dargaud)
– Hip-Hop Family Tree #3 by Ed Piskor (Papa Guédé)
– L’Inconnu by Anna Sommer (Les Cahiers dessinés)
– Istrati ! Tome 1 – Le Vagabond by Golo (Actes Sud BD)
– Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche #26 by Dodier (Dupuis)
– Megg, Mogg & Howl – Happy Fucking Birthday by Simon Hanselmann (Misma)
– Le Monde à tes pieds by Nadar (La Boîte à Bulles)
– Les Nouvelles Aventures de Lapinot – Un monde un peu meilleur by Lewis Trondheim (L’Association)
– Opération Copperhead by Jean Harambat (Dargaud)
– La Petite couronne by Gilles Rochier (6 pieds sous terre)
– La Saga de Grimr by Jérémie Moreau (Delcourt)
– Scalp – La funeste chevauchée de John Glanton et de ses compagnons de carnage by Hugues Micol (Futuropolis)
– Une soeur parbyBastien Vivès (Casterman)
– La Terre des fils by Gipi (Futuropolis)
– Tokyo Alien Bros. tome 1 by Shinzo Keigo (Le Lézard Noir)
– Urban #4 par Roberto Ricci by Luc Brunschwig par (Futuropolis)
– Variations by Blutch (Dargaud)
– Les Voyages de Tulipe by Sophie Guerrive (2024)
– Voyages en Égypte et en Nubie de Giambattista Belzoni by Lucie Castel par Grégory Jarry et Nicole Augereau par (FLBLB)
– Tes yeux ont vu by Jérôme Dubois (Cornélius)

As you can see it’s a varied list, including some surprises from the US (house of Penance, about Sarah Winchester, didn’t get that much attention here) and a solid mix of female nominees.

The popular prize nominees (voted on by the public) are here:

Lemire Ormston Stewart

Yarô Abe

Thimothe Le Boucher

Marion Montaigne

Jason Shiga

Zidrou Edith

Millar Immonen

Ludovic Debeurme

Lewis Trondheim

Jean Harambat

Gilles Rochier

Bastien Vivès

And more:

Heritage (Reprint) Selection

– Anarcoma by Nazario (Misma)
– It’s the jungle! by Harvey Kurtzman (Wombat)
– In Infinity – 1906-1913 by G. Ri (2024 – BnF)
– I’m Shingo # 1 by Kazuo Umezu (The Black Lizard)
– Jojo Integral # 1 – 1983-1991 by André Geerts (Dupuis)
– Novelties at bargain prices by Ben Katchor (Rackham)
– War Zone – New York, 1980s by Seth Tobocman (CMDE)
– Soft City by Hariton Pushwagner (Inculcate)

Youth Selection

– 5 Worlds # 1 by Xanthe Bouma, Alexis Siegel and Mark Siegel (Gallimard)
– The Dream Hunter # 2   by Martin Desbat (Sarbacane)
– Clémence Evidence is always right by Merwan by Sandrine Bonini (Delcourt)
– The Bark of Things by Cécile Bidault (Warum)
– The Extraordinary Adventure of Super Deltas by Édouard Cour (Akileos)
– Catherine’s War by Claire Fauvel and Julia Billet (Rue de Sèvres)
– Hanada the Boy # 1 by Makoto Isshiki (Ki-oon)
– Unbeatable # 1 by Pascal Jousselin (Dupuis)
– The Best Landed Denby Oriane Lassus (Biscoto)
– Pepito # 2 by Luciano Bottaro (Cornelius)
– Radiant # 7 by Tony Valente (Ankama)
– Titeuf # 15 by Zep (Glénat)

Polar (Thriller) Selection

– Bastard by Max de Radiguès (Casterman)
– The City of the Three Saints by Lorenzo Bizarri by Stefano Nardella by (Sarbacane)
– Jean Doux and the mystery of the soft disk by Philippe Valette (Delcourt)
– The Private Eye by Marcos Martin by Brian K. Vaughan by (Urban Comics)
– Jean Melville’s Profile by Robin Cousin (FLBLB)


A few other newsy notes: (provided by Ivanka Hahnenberger who attended the press conference today):

– Japan is this year’s Guest of Honor with exhibits on Fairy Tale, Tezuka and Naoki Urasawa (be still my heart.)

– The Rene Goscinny prize for comic book writers was awarded to Jean Harabat for “Operation Copperhead”

– Singapore is the featured country this year, with the great Sonny Liew representing. I’m told that Singapore is investing in comics to promote their culture as it’s cheaper than film and spreads quickly especially among young social media users. One of their stars in this new venture is Sonny Liew. .


So far this year’s fest seems relatively drama free, following years of tragedy and controversy.  It looks like The Beat will be heading to this year’s festival so we’ll be bringing you all the excitement!


  1. Not too many of the French books are available in English yet through Izneo.com and Comixology.com (mostly through Europe Comics.) Sadly, “Operation: Copperhead” is not, though I know it’s been getting a lot of favorable press recently. Ditto the astronaut book about Thomas Pesquet. Jerome K. Jerome Blanche t26 is not in English yet, though t23-t25 are. Blutch’s “Variations” isn’t in English, but it’s an art book. Aside from the introduction (which is available in English on EuropeComics.com’s site), the whole book is his black and white art. No essays or anything.

    But that’s a lot of books to flip through. I”ll have to dig a little deeper still….

  2. Note that the book being called “War Zone – New York, 1980s” by Seth Tobocman (CMDE) is actually War In The Neighborhood by Seth Tobocman and a new English language edition is now available from Ad Astra Comics. I feel very honored to be on a list with Ben Katchor.

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