Asm 2010 05Big
Marvel has been running a promotion where puzzle pieces of the above promo art for “The Year of Spider-Man” — like when ISN’T it the Year of Spidey — have been released over time, with many comics news sites playing along. We didn’t, because the sight of MJ in a wedding dress hurls us into a flashback of endless whiny message board postings. We did note one thing about the art by Pasqual Ferry:

Asm 2010 05-1
Spidey is managing a kind of reverse, double-back gainer male version of the brokeback pose where you can get a good look at his butt and his package. Anatomically it’s very possible, but really a fine example!

For a more serious analysis of the foreboding image, try Caleb Goellner.


  1. the guy wears a costume so tight you can see his whole ribcage!

    It’s only right for his manly bulges to be there unless he has Ken-esque proportions! ;)