Presented last night at at the Long Beach Comic Con.

Leah Adezio Award for Best Kid-Friendly Work: Diana Nock, The Intrepid Girlbot

Best Female Character: Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Kim Yale Award for Most Talented Newcomer: Kathryn Immonen: “The Runaways”

Lulu of the Year: Kate Beaton

Woman of Distinction Award: Lauren Sankovitch: editor, Marvel Comics

Female Cartoonists Hall of Fame: Alison Bechdel

FoL has a new website and a new mandate. Johanna has more.


  1. According to the Friends of Lulu Awards nomination process and qualifications:

    Kim Yale Award
    Nominees must have published work, whether self-published, company-published, or net-published. Nominees must be nominated for this category within two years of their first professionally published work or three years of their first self published work. An individual may not be nominated more than twice and cannot win more than once.

    Yet… Kathryn Immonen (née Kuder) collaborated with (her now husband) Stuart Immonen on Playground #1 which was published by Caliber Press in October, 1990. Twenty years ago! Well over the two year mark, right?

    Other nominees for this award were removed from consideration once it was discovered that their published work did not fit the FoL established guidelines. From the FoL website:
    “Due to an error, Tracy White & Sabrina Jones were nominated in the “Best New Talent” category. Tracy & Sabrina have actually been on the comic scene longer than the required three years maximum, but we would still urge you to read Tracy’s innovative webcomic ‘Traced,’ and buy Sabrina’s critically-acclaimed ‘Isadora Duncan: A Graphic Biography.’ Anybody who has already voted for Tracy & Sabrina will be contacted and offered another chance to vote for this category. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

    It may not be a big deal to some, but is an unfortunate oversight to the other creators nominated in that category: Kate Beaton, Liz Baillie, Mariko Tamaki, and Madeline Rosca.

  2. I think you’re looking at the wrong list. None of those folks were nominees. (Personally, I voted for Carolyn Belefski :)