This is no comics content, but many folks have some of their fondest Christmas Eve and Christmas Day memories of staring at a film loop of a burning Yule Log on TV while seasonal tunes gently play in the background. Yes, the video Yule Log has burned its way into the hearts of America.

Happily, you can watch and listen to the Yule Log any time just by going to this link, which is new for 2011. Its also available in SD, HD and 3D via free Video On Demand (VOD), and also on many cable systems—check your systems free on demand listings to find it. 

But there’s more! Now viewers can also enjoy Winter Green, a “snowy, pine forest setting” and Snowman, “dressed in top hat, scarf and neckerchief withstanding a windy, snowy storm.” These sounds like mesmerizing visual tranquilizers which will offer a a fine, trancelike alternative to the usual hectic holiday activities like trying to find a parking space at the mall or not making a fool of yourself at the office Christmas party.

Face it, it just wouldn’t be the holidays without staring at a giant flat screen TV!