Vengeance and ire continue to flood Hollywood in the wake of the leaked WOLVERINE workprint. Fox has called in the FBI to help investigate the case; meanwhile, Australian effects house Rising Sun denies they are the leak source, although their name appears a few minutes into the print. Meanwhile, director Gavin Hood has been on a PR tour downplaying his own on set rows with studio head Tom Rothman.

This Vulture slideshow 15 Reasons Not to Download Wolverine should give you an idea of why to wait until the movie actually opens — the workprint isn’t finished!

Really, though, if they’re concerned about piracy sinking the movie’s opening weekend, they shouldn’t be — anyone with eyes can tell you that the leaked version is unfinished, with missing scenes, placeholder music, and tons of hilarious half-rendered special effects. Want proof? Click for fifteen reasons why Wolverine will look better on the big screen.

Plus the movie looks to contain much full backal nudity from star Hugh Jackman. This would be a welcome relief for a nation still reeling from the full frontal assault of WATCHMEN. And, as Vulture points out, there is NO WAY IN HELL we are not watching Hugh Jackman on the BIG screen…as BIG AS POSSIBLE.


  1. ” Click for fifteen reasons why Wolverine will look better on the big screen.”

    I’m sure it will look better but that’s not going to fix the problems with the script, the complete lack of chemistry between the actors etc etc etc..

  2. The unfinished special effects are actually really cool… and not why the movie is terrible. Still, I’ll pay to go see it, just to be fair.