Who wants to publish Brendan McCarthy?

Insanely stylish Brendan McCarthy has a new project called FUBAR that he is shopping around.

Would YOU like to be the lucky publisher? Email him.


McCarthy is known for things like CRISIS and REBELLION, Shade the Changing Man (recently reissued in trades), SKIN, designing REBOOT and other coolish things.


  1. terry craig says:

    I want me some FUBAR!
    I love that exploding nuke mask.
    FUBAR and FEVER.

  2. Wow! Looks great. They’re reissuing Shade? That’s wonderful news. Fubar looks wonderful too. I wish an awesomely awesome small press art magazine like my own could make him offer that he would find worth while, but my ability to do that is still at least six months away.

  3. This looks to be better than his FEVER work at marvel. It’s a shame he isn’t drawing more comic books . I’m sure the guy could really give Vertigo a visual boost. James Jean has stopped doing cover work for them and they don’t have any superstar cover artists right now.

    FUBAR will have a narrow list of willing publishers who know how to market Mccarthy’s work.

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