Who says wrestling stuff doesn’t belong here?

The next time some dope complains about the wrestling coverage on THE BEAT, whether it’s about Rey Mysterio wearing a Flash costume on pay-per-view or CHIKARA’s latest comic book-themed cover, we’ll just point them to this picture. (The match was from a show Sunday at Arena San Juan Pantitlan. Thanks for the tip to the lucha libre expert known as The Cubs Fan.)

Richie Rich, Bat Guy, Spider Guy, Super Guy

Evan, if you’re out there reading this, sadly, their opponents were not Los X-Men.

Posted by Mark Coale



  1. Steve Taylor says:

    I think that if Superman was real,…he’d look just like that guy.

  2. That has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. Will someone please start the CBWE?

  3. Preaching to the choir.

  4. Ike Iszany says:

    Seriously. I want Superman to look more like that guy than anything like Brandon Routh. (Minus the man boobs!) Looks like the kind of guy when he walks in a room you run over and shake his hand and he has a laugh and a smile for you.

  5. its a show of lucha libre in San Juan Arena; in the Nezahualcoyotl city; in México City jajajajajajaja

    In a Day of childre or someting :D

  6. its a show of lucha libre in San Juan Arena; in the Nezahualcoyotl city; in México City jajajajajajaja

    In a Day of children or someting :D

  7. Wait a minute… from what little I know about lucha libre… the guy without the mask has been defeated once already? Or was this some special bout where the rules were suspended? Or he was never masked to begin with?

    Actually, it would be kinda cool to have a lucha libre Marvel Universe… The epic battles result in the loser being unmasked publicly… Or assuming a new identity…

  8. Mark Coale says:


    Not everyone in Lucha wears a mask. Most people do and so, many people you see maskless now did at one point lose a mask vs mask match, but not all of them.

    I just checked the Luchawiki (www.luchawiki.com) and I don’t see a listing for Ricky Richon/Richie Rich. If I had to guess, I’d say he probably did lose it at some point in the past.

  9. Wait – if Richie Rich is part of the Harvey Comics Wrestling Federation – does that mean a re-match with Baby Huey isn’t far behind?



  10. Alan Coil says:

    Marvel and DC should sue.

  11. Shut the fuck up Alan.

  12. Did they put a midget in Spider Man’s costume? Because no wrestling event is complete without midgets. No porn video is, either…

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