When things were friendly: Rorschach's first appearance in the DCU…back in 1988

As a lagniappe to the current “All Things Alan Moore” wiki currently going on in our comments, here’s Pádraig Ó Méalóid with a little-remembered crossover between the Watchmen and the Question…that took place all the way back in
THE QUESTION #17, June 1988. Think of it as “The Five Doctors” of this particular timeline.

In The Question #17, cover-dated June 1988, Rorschach appears in a very brief dream sequence. The story is called, to avoid any confusion, A Dream of Rorschach. Here’s the cover, the title page, and the two pages where Rorschach appears. He’s mentioned here and there on a few other pages, and there’s an editorial recommendation for Watchmen at the end of the letters’ page. Also, note the thanks to Moore and Gibbons on the title page…

The story is written by Dennis O’Neil and edited by Mike Gold…and obviously things were a lot friendlier and more casual back in the day. Handshake, one might say. Or as Stevie Wonder put it:


  1. says

    That was an honest tip to the hat to Moore and Gibbons in a pretty good comic series, probably qualifies as ironic from the cretors being aware that Rorshach was based originally in the Question.

  2. Comic2read says

    Maybe they can make a Batman meets Rorschach comic by saying Dr. Manhattan didn’t kill Rorschach but teleported him to the DCU.

  3. free willy says

    @Comic2read: You know, I would honestly be LESS disappointed if they were actually bringing the Watchmen characters into the DCU proper. At least that would show the slightest bit of “How’re we gonna do this?”-creativity. Instead they’re just rehashing and following the patterns Moore laid out, taking care not to infringe on continuity or anything. It may be blasphemy, but I just rather see them have tried to go all out and show the slightest iota of proactive creativity, instead of doing the laziest cash-grab in comics history.

    Even Denny O’Neil doing a modest little “Dream of Rorschach” vignette seems like a mountain of originality and cleverness when compared to all of these predictable Before Watchmen projects.

  4. Charles Knight says

    “Maybe they can make a Batman meets Rorschach comic by saying Dr. Manhattan didn’t kill Rorschach but teleported him to the DCU.”

    And they could remake Seven by having John Doe put a cake in the box at the end.

  5. bad wolf says

    Hey, good idea: JMS has Dr Manhattan send Rorschach back in time to prevent/cause all of the events of Watchmen in the first place. Genius!

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