Webcomic Alert: Dustin Harbin on the unrest in Charlotte


Diarist cartoonist Dustin Harbin is a Charlotte local and his diary for the day is about the unrest in Charlotte that started over a police shooting, and has continued with two nights of unrest and a shooting. 

It’s a sad time in our world.


  1. Mike Michaels says

    Thanks for implying the police were responsible for the second shooting without any actual y’know EVIDENCE. Lies are great when you don’t have facts. Are the police vandalizing the local businesses too? Are the police shooting citizens over drug deals go wrong, money, sex or just because they had a bad day? Nah, it’s the innocent every day citizens doing all those crimes. Justice through looting and violence by protesters aka rioters.

  2. Chris Hero says

    Mike, nothing was implied in the article above.

    Also, at this point, the police have lost all presumption of innocence when unarmed black men are shot and killed.

  3. Lamar says

    Chris, if it turns out the guy had a gun, are you buying tickets for the wayback machine?

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