King Kong


  1. says

    I had that same poster when I was a kid. It is permanently burned into my psyche. It is the first image in my mind at the mention of the Word Trade Center or 9/11.

  2. Al says

    As far as the painting goes, it is tremendous. I wonder where the original is today. Unlikely that the artist had any rights to retrieve the original painting after it was photographed for publication, but who knows.

    On this day 7 years ago, my wife and I billeted a guy who had been travelling from Ghana to NYC. His plane, and hundreds of others, were diverted away from US airspace after the attack in NYC and Pentagon. Thousands of passengers were arriving at airports once their planes landed safely here in Canada.

    Our city opened up its indoor concert arena and brought in cots, clothing and food, hosting hundreds of foreign passengers for a few days. We offered to put up one person overnight in our home for as long as necessary. Flights began to resume the next day.

    Blessings to all who have lost loved ones.

  3. Steve Taylor says

    Back when they were filming this version of King Kong they did a night shoot on location at the base of the World Trade Center with a gigantic replica of the fallen ape and the actors key to the scene in attendance to carry out their parts. It was quite a spectacle and naturally drew a crowd, of which my soon to be ex wife and I were part. It was an amazing image that I thought could never be topped. Boy,…was I wrong. I was an usher at the Trans-Lux Theater on Third Avenue and we got this movie in it’s second-run go around. I was lucky enough to cop a huge version of this poster as a reminder of having to live with this monstrosity for far longer than one might have expected at the time.

  4. Steve says

    The original art for this potser was done by artist John Berkley who was commissioned by Paramont to do the painting. Unfortunately he passed away this past April.

    Here is a link with a little about the Orginal artwork for the above poster as well photos of the original paintings and sketches.

  5. rich says

    I can’t help thinking of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK … In the year 1997, the president’s plane crashes in the prison colony of New York City. Snake Plisken lands the glider atop the World Trade Center tower (presumably the one without the big antennae) to access the city unseen.

    Wonder how many other films used the WTC as a backdrop? And we will ever see the deleted WTC scene from Spider-Man (2002)?

  6. Michael says

    You’ve seen the deleted WTC scene, Rich. It’s the bit at the end where he’s swinging around. Originally, he was to land on and then swing off of one of the towers. After 9/11, they went in and digitally inserted another building for obvious reasons.

  7. rich says

    I dunno, Michael. I heard there was a bried scene with some bank robbers in a helicopter. They’re making their escape when Spidey traps them in a web between the towers. Could be I heard wrong.

  8. rich says

    OK … i did a Google search … it’s on YouTube … the original trailer showing the bank robbery … don’t know if was going to be included in the film … but in the all of the extras, which included trailers for the film, it didn’t appear.

  9. Kid Kyoto says

    This is really tasteless.

    The September 11th attacks killed 3000 people.

    Linking it into a campy 70s films is just crass.

  10. Steve Taylor says

    Is it really so wrong to think about the good things we associate with something than the horrible thing?

  11. kid kyoto says

    “Is it really so wrong to think about the good things we associate with something than the horrible thing? ”

    Is that the intention?

    A post like that would need a lot more context for my to make that assumption.

    I saw it as a cheap attempt at shock humor, but I am pretty touchy about September 11th so if I jumped the wrong way I’m sorry.

    The intention is definitely not clear though.

  12. rich says

    “The intention is definitely not clear though.”

    Was not clear. It is now.

  13. cbrown says

    Kid Kyoto, I had the same reaction as you when I saw this yesterday. I was surprised no one else did, especially given netizen’s collective ability to be outraged by just about anything.

  14. Michael says

    That was a teaser, Rich. It was never intended to be part of the finished movie.

  15. says


    if i may: LOL.

  16. says

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