Things we really dig

laurapark Things we really dig
§ Laura Park (above ©2008 Laura Park)

§ Jane Be Pure Mineral Gel Eyeliner

§ July 11th
Kangaroo Things we really dig
§ Blog posts on horrible black and white comics of the 80s

§ Amir Sadollah

13 jimrug 1 lg Things we really dig
§ Free Afrodisiac story on Vulture, preferably accompanied by Luke Vibert’s favorite Johnny Hawksworth.


  1. Stoked to try that eyeliner, btw.

  2. laura park’s a goddamned genius.

  3. Eric Reynolds says:

    Heidi, Laura will be a contributor to Mome starting with #13…

  4. I like Amir as well. I didn’t expect him to win as he didn’t have the typical “fighter attitude” but it’s great that he did.

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