The words you never thought you would read!

Herb Trimpe on !

[Thanks, Kurt!]



  1. Kurt Busiek says:

    Well, that was fast…!

    Glad to see Happy Herb back, and that’s some nice-looking art there. Clear, crisp, well-laid-out storytelling, nice atmosphere, and the man knows how to draw a rattan chair.


  2. Good to see new Herb Trimpe artwork! He’s a great guy who I don’t think gets enough kudos for old stuff. Outside of Erik Larsen, I’ve never heard him mentioned by another pro.

  3. The Beat says:

    We can break news on a dime here at Stately Beat Manor!

    And please note prospective news breakers — we can do it AND we have an RSS feed.

  4. Over the years I’ve heard many respected artists cite Herb Trimpe as a major influence. His run on INCREDIBLE HULK is probably my favorite of that entire series. And I really like this new work.

    Is it just me, or does clicking “next page” with Dark Horse’s viewer put you immediately at the bottom of said next page?

  5. Cool. That was a fun read. I can see the Larsen influence, also reminds me a bit of Invincible.

  6. YAY! Trimpe AND Milgrom. I love it.

  7. Always liked Trimpe’s Hulk. I read those comics specifically for his artwork.

  8. Even more surprising was the profile description that started with:

    “MySpace won’t let me post my sexy pictures here so go to…”



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