The Fate of Krypto revealed in ACTION #5

The first four pages of ACTION #5 by Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, and Jesse Delperdang has just been previewed at Geek Dad and Underwire, and not only does it present the new origin for Superman, as he’s rocketed to Earth by his parents, but we learn why the new DCU does not have a happy, yappy dog in a cape flying around — instead there’s a “Ghost Krypto”. Oh, Grant Morrison, how could you?






  1. ComicBeatFollower says

    Didn’t we see something akin to Krypto’s remains already¿ We should definitely not be expecting Krypto as an original.
    I’m thinking they’d save that up to cloning later on, or giving the ghost a body to possess, and we may learn about that more in Superboy/Action.

  2. ComicBeatFollower says

    Too bad, I won’t be able to follow it anymore.
    Warner Brothers boycott has been activated for me.

  3. says

    I like that Jor-El did not in fact specify Earth, but rather those parameters, which Earth ended up fitting. That makes more sense.

  4. says

    The headline says Action #4, but the image is for Action #5.

    Regardless, I am sticking it out with Morrison for a little longer to see where this goes.

  5. Torsten Adair says

    I’d like to know what fans don’t like about this preview. It seems to replay the various other versions, while adding the Phantom Zone. Plus Krypto is shown as being heroic, not just the family pet. And Kal-El is born on Krypton, not in some test tube like the previous version.

    1) It solves the Phantom Zone quandary: If Jor-El was so smart, why didn’t he zap everyone into the Phantom Zone while sending out a rocket with the projector/gateway tech for someone to activate later?

    Will we learn why Kryptonians didn’t leave the planet earlier? The old version had some sort of soil sickness…

    2) Krypto can be retrieved from the Phantom Zone at a later date. Yet we still see the trauma of Kal-El losing his pet.

    3) We get a better telling of how the ship reached Earth.

    4) Ah, no Zeppo.

    5) What of Argo City and Supergirl?

    6) What happened/will happen to Brainiac? What’s the story with the goat? How did the ship avoid detection from Earth’s myriad eyeballs? (Amateur astronomers track spy satellites, meteors, and comets… someone must have seen something.)

    7) Who are the Green Lanterns of this sector? Would they have scanned for survivors? Would the rocket and/or Argo City have been discovered? The destruction must have been rather swift if not GLs showed up in time.

  6. Bryan L says

    Works for me. I just hope that if Krypto is ever reintroduced, he doesn’t get the full set of Superman powers. I’d like him to be strong, fast, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. And stop there.

    I could live with flight if absolutely necessary, but there’s no way giving a dog heat vision makes sense. And really, why would a man and a dog have the same powers anyway?

  7. Darren Hudak says

    Torsten, “the Phantom Zone quandary” you talk about was addressed in Silver Age tellings of Supes origin and it was also touched upon in the 90’s animated series. In some tellings Jor-El created the zone as an escape for the planets impending doom and circumstances that could only happen in a silver age comic resulted in it being used as a prison. Morrison’s addressing of it is a variation of what other writers before him have done not something entirely new.

  8. Charles Knight says

    “Krypto doesn’t look cute anymore. He seems to have lost that family-dog look…”

    My dog looks pretty cute, he doesn’t look so cute if you try and attack me or a member of the family…

  9. says

    Bryan L wrote, “I could live with flight if absolutely necessary, but there’s no way giving a dog heat vision makes sense. And really, why would a man and a dog have the same powers anyway?”

    I couldn’t help but laugh at this.

    Sure, of course the dog can fly – but HEAT VISION? What are you, nuts?!

  10. BryanD says

    I liked it better when it was Starman who was the one who made Jor-El aware of Earth. =D

  11. Brad Ricca says

    I never thought in a million years that when Morrison’s version of the origin finally stood revealed, the only thing we’d be talking about would be KRYPTO.

    Happy New Year, all


  12. Jon says

    How many new origins for Superman does this make now? Doesn’t anyone else get bored of these endless retellings?

  13. LobsterAfternoon says

    I, for one, need to know if Superman’s rocket makes it to earth and if he gets raised by a kindly Kansas couple.

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