Tezuka/Urasawa comparison

Xavier Guilbert makes the chart you all wanted , showing the original Tezuka characters from ASTRO BOY side-by-side with the Urasawa remakes from PLUTO. It’s mind-boggling the degree to which Urasawa has imbued Tezuka’s chipper, cartoony characters with a sense of sinister doom and unease, but you know, that’s why they call them great.

[Link via Johanna]


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    Erm. If I may — it’s nice to see one’s work suddenly gaining that much attention, though I would have liked people to also note the existence of the article from which this chart (by yours truly) is taken. Especially since it might be the first review of Urasawa’s latest based on the whole series. I know, it’s in French and that limits a little the impact of my prose. So here’s an English version of the accompanying text: Pluto.

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    Wow, this looks pretty cool. As a fan of the original story off which Urasawa’s story is based, I’m gonna have to check this out.

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