Critics vote on the 26 Best Films of the Decade (so far)


Just when you thought you had enough of 2014 year-end lists, it’s now 2015 and time to begin everyone’s “halfway through the decade” retrospective lists. The folks at Fandor are the first out of the gate, as they asked 290 film critics (and assorted other movie lovers) what they thought the best films of 2010-2014 […]


SDCC ’14: Spotlight on Bryan Lee O’Malley Panel Recap


By: Alexander Jones Even without the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World film, author Bryan Lee O’Malley would likely still be a talent who is universally adored. However, after the movie, he is one of the most interesting creators who has ever graced the comic book scene. After finishing the Scott Pilgrim series of novels and […]


Scott Pilgrim art is selling fast…and relatively cheap


We noted the other day that a new art dealer—Felix Comic Art— was offering rarely seen pages from Bryan Lee O’ Malley’s Scott Pilgrim books. Well, the sale is now live and as you can see the pages are flying off the site. Priced from about $200-500 I would have to say these are a […]


NYCC 12: Color Scott Pilgrim V2 will be available in three editions


If you haven’t seen the new color, hardcover versions of SCOTT PILGRIM, we’ll let you in on the secret: They’re GAWJUS. Volume 2, Lucas Lee, goes on sale at NYCC in the editions outlined below. Knives Chau is on the cover of the regular edition, while Lucas Lee is on the cover of the EVIL […]


How to get a copy of the Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 Collectors Edition

Color Scott Pilgrim is coming.

It was available at Comic-Con. And soon it will be available on-line. Soon meaning August 8th.

But to get the very rare Collector’s Editions (which includes the Evil Edition, along with all the sweet merch mentioned below and pictured above, like coins and prints and patches) you must watch and wait. And then crash the server, probably. Here are the details:


Scott Pilgrim is back in full-color hardcover reprint

All of you Scott Pilgrim fans, here’s a whole new edition to purchase and display with pride—a reprint of the one that started it all, SCOTT PILGRIM’S PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE, in full color by Nathan Fairbairn, in a deluxe 6×9 hardcover. AND a new cover! The news was announced at tonight’s spotlight on creator Bryan Lee O’Malley at ECCC.


Bryan Lee O’Malley’s SECONDS to be published at Villard

Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley has been teasing a new projects called SECONDS with a photo on his Twitter feed, and Publishers Weekly has confirmed that it will be a new graphic novel to be published by Random house imprint Villard in 2013.


Tpain and Chris Brown do Scott Pilgrim

Or that’s what SCOTT PILGRIM director Edgar Wright just tweeted:


Scott Pilgrim lives

On Etsy, anyway;

Jill Pantozzi, a recent Pilgrimite, surveys some of the Pilgrim offerings on the craft website. Please don’t read too much symbolism into the irony of a post entitled “Scott Pilgrim Lives” with a Day f the Dead figure. It’s these contradictions that make life more interesting. Love him or hate him*, he’s here to stay.


Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Debate

So when the tale was written, SCOTT PILGRIM Vs THE WORLD ended up #5 at the box office with a disappointing $10.5 mil. This simple fact has caused ethnic wars everywhere on the internet. People ask, double rainbow-like, “What does it mean?” and argue over who is a fanboy, what is a fanboy, what is […]


Tonight to do: Anamanaguchi at Brooklyn Bowl

Not comics really, but all nerd, chiptune punk band Anamanaguchi, who wrote the soundtrack to the Scott Pilgrim video game, is playing tonight in Brooklyn. And it’s free!


Pilgrimania is taking over the world — especially the Hilton

Scott Pilgrim promo fever is hitting 105˚ in advance of next week’s San Diego Comic-Con, sure to be known in future years as “The Scott Pilgrim One.” To wit, various Twitter feeds have been capturing the progress of a giant Scott Pilgrim banner being erected over the Hilton Bayfront hotel. Yowsa.

Scott PIlgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley has a thorough list of events he’s involved with, including his midnight signing appearance in Toronto, where it all began. (We’ll have more details on midnight events in a few days.)


O’Malley’s lettering lessons

Via his blog, Bryann Lee O’Malley shades the wisdom of cartooning and good balloon flow: Try to avoid layouts that make as little sense as this one. Also try to avoid hiding your weak layouts with trickery, such as arbitrarily wider gutters (top right) or dropping panel borders to create the illusion of clarity (bottom […]


Scott Pilgrim Vs The World poster revealed

Via EMPIRE, the international poster. Awesomeness and excitement grows.


Time waster: Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator

Just do it.


New SCOTT PILGRIM International Trailer

You realize this movie doesn’t even have all the great lines in the trailer??