Gillen and McKelvie Roundup


By Steve Morris Artist Jamie McKelvie and writer Kieron Gillen have taken the spotlight today, with several pieces of news – both good and bad – coming from their camp. The good news is that Marvel have just released a teaser which lists them as the creative team for a story in their upcoming ‘Point […]

Tom Brevoort: Journey Into Mystery will continue


Tom Brevoort may have just confirmed that Journey Into Mystery won’t be ending after Kieron Gillen leaves…

The Marvel NOW! Comic Parade


Here it is – an exhaustive look at all the Marvel books announced this week for Marvel NOWWWW, from Iron Man to Thor, with X-Men and Hulk inbetween. Also, the campaign for a Pixie Ongoing series picks up pace!

Kieron Gillen and Greg Land go Invincible


Marvel have announced Kieron Gillen and Greg Land as the creative team behind what is certainly going to be the Iron Man relaunch

Kieron Gillen Launches a Podcast


In which Kieron Gillen interviews Jason Aaron about writing comic books.

Con Report: The Complete Kapow Compendium


Lokis, Storm Dogs, Hepzibahs, Mark Millar, Publishers and Fans. Kapow Comic Convention 2012: what did we learn?