HeroesCon Interview: Comic Blitz App Offers Netflix Experience for Comics

Comic Blitz Founder Jordan Plosky on the floor of HeroesCon 2015

by Harper W. Harris On Saturday, I got the chance to speak with Jordan Plosky, founder of Comic Blitz, a new comic app that operates much like Marvel Unlimited, only not just limited to Marvel. Although the company has only Valiant and Dynamite on board at this stage, they have plans to announce many more […]

Marvel re-ups with Comixology for singles and expands to Kindle


While there’s been some shifting around and experimentation with other platforms for some publishers, it seem Marvel will makes theirs Comixology, at least where digital comcs are concerned. They’ve just announced a renewal of their agreement to sell Marvel digital comics, with an expansion to the Kindle platform for the first time:

New IDW / Top Shelf Comics Humble Bundle offers some great comics


The Humble Bundle model of “bundling” digital comics for a pay what you want price (while offering a percentage to charity) has had a pretty big impact on both comics readers and publishers over the past year, generating over $4 million in sales for ebook last year. You can see why publishers would be hep […]

PREVIEW: ‘High Crimes’ #10 is a chilling read


  The latest issue of Monkey Brain‘s digital first comic High Crimes is available at Comixology. I have read the review copy and it’s exceptional and chilling. Page one gives you the same cold feeling when you open a walk-in freezer. Christopher Sebela’s striking and circumstantial words pair with Ibrahim Moustafa’s art on various levels. Lesley Atalnsky’s colors have a […]

Protect Your Privacy From Ultron With Terms Of Service Graphic Novella

Terms Of Service

By Victor Van Scoit In the Marvel Universe Ultron is an artificial intelligence robot fixated on world domination. Ultron may only be a work of fiction but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned with the data gathering robots that exist in our world today. As a graphic novella, Terms Of Service: Understanding Our Role […]

Exciting new comics site launches: Zco.mx, with Lasky, Langridge and dozens more


There are scores of great webcomics to read from indie cartoonists on these internets. There are also tons of great mini comics on sale from cartoonists at CAFs. But what if you can’t get to a CAF or want a more curated portal to help you find good stuff? Zco.mx (pronounced zee·com·ics) is a new site that offers a curated list of cartoonists with selected digital offerings, all available to read for free — but you are also encouraged to make a donation. Comics are downloadable as CBZ files via torrents or DC. I’m not super crazy about that format, but the reader on the site itself works very smoothly, and I don’t have any room on my iPad anyway.

Marvel teams with Fandango to offer free digital comics with purchase


A common comment often heard around the con floor is “Why doesn’t Marvel Studios do more to promote the COMICS with all those movies?” Some would think that seeing the Avengers on every product and website and TV show known to humankind would be a lot of promotion, but let’s take that complaint for what […]

New open source Comic Smart Panels allows you to make your own animated comics


As digital comics have become a cornerstone of comics reading, several companies have offered their own version of a technology which allows the panels to transition for digital reading. Comixology has “Guided View,” Marvel has its Unlimited technology; iVerse offers uView. The iVerse systems can be applied by users to comics viewed through their platforms, and Comixology also allows publishers to adapt their own comics.

Yugoslavian software developer Zoran Bosnjak writes to inform us of a new open source software that allows you to apply this kind of technology to any comic. It’s called Comic Smart Panels Creator & Viewer (available for Windows for now) which allows fluid panel animations and scaling for any kind of comic. Balloon sequence can also be defined, as seen with the Thrillbent comics and other “ecomics” platforms.

Dynamite bundles up with BitTorrent to offer 200 comics


Dynamite is the King of Bundling—huge collections of comics in digital form for a low, usually pay what you want price. Yhey’re so good at it that they’ve actually persuaded MORE COMPANIES TO START BUNDLING COMICS. This time it’s BitTorrent, which is now a totally legit place to download content. They’ve done music in the past but this is their first comics bundle. This is a mega-bundle of 200 comics, with a minimum payment of $6. So between all the other bundling that Dynamite has been ofering, you can pretty much catch up with their entire oeuvre in no time. This bundle runs through Friday, April 17, 2015.

Surveying the tablet comics world: Symbolia, Wormworld, Sequential, Madefire


NOTE: the below is me spitballing at 3 in the morning just to get some dialog going. I invite your comments and corrections. I’ve had this news item floating around for ages and kept meaning to write it up: Symbolia, the journalistic comics magazine for tablets, has wrapped up its final issue. Founded by Erin […]