SD07: The Beat

I 0656
As we previously (we think) mentioned, we’ll be at the Fox Atomic booth at various times, but we’ll also be VIDEO BLOGGING THE SHOW AGAIN! Bruce at DiVX and the rest of the great crew that helped us finally find the FulFillment Room last year will be back and we have some cool peeps lined up to chat up, and we’ll be doing our own nutty little things, as well. We have only one panel, and as usual it’s 10:30 Saturday morning and we’ll be yakking about comics writing, a topic near and dear to our hearts.

And of course, we’ll be staggering back to our hotel room late at night and uploading photos, and waking up at an ungodly hour, propelled only by Vietnamese instant coffee and blogging as much as we can. In brutal honesty, we don’t know how efficacious we’ll be — this year’s party slate is BRUTAL — but we’ll do our best to bring you some impressionistic word pictures.


  1. Tom Stidman says

    I wish I could get invited to some parties. When are you going to be at the Fox Atomic booth?

  2. says

    Who is that holding – what is that – a whip? Is that you?
    If so, you need to switch out the picture in your banner.

    …just saying, you know?

  3. Mark Coale says

    the whip, while coming out of the polka room, is the truly great part.

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