Robin in the Rye

robin in the rye.jpg

Andrew Lorenzi remixes JD Salinger and DC Comics. Incredible.

Posted by Aaron Humphrey.


  1. Charles Knight says

    Is Catcher in the Rye a set text in American schools or something?

  2. says

    I read the Catcher in the Rye on the way to New Zealand when I was 24, so it never really had that great an impression on me.

    Thirteen years later… it’s clever. Might have been more clever had it been done in the style of a reclusive artist, maybe R. Crumb?

  3. Stuart Tonkinson says

    Torsten, have you seen Dorkin’s Fisher-Price Theater version? It is funnier.

    And sadder.

  4. jacob lyon goddard says

    andrew is this wide eyed, soft spoken kid and a real 100% sweetheart. it makes the uber dry humor of his comics even funnier.

    personally i think he’s brilliant and one day we’ll all be buying his comics

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