Now we've seen everthing:





  1. Steven Taylor says

    So far, my favorite part is that once you go to the website,…nothing happens.

  2. ron thibodeau says

    Steven, scroll your mouse over the ‘index’ and some menus pop up. I got some news, hit the links, read the artist bio.

    Yes, the ‘oddities’ and ‘original art’ pages are ‘coming soon’, and there appears to be a problem with design (as the bold white print blocks out the small white print of the index listings, but i hope they can fix that soon)

  3. Steven Taylor says

    Still, nothing. I tried scrolling and nothing came up.
    I’m certain this will be rectified at some point down the road and I will check back with the site.

  4. says

    There are mouseover links — that’s where I got the “About” comic. Probably a software/browser issue.

    Other than that it’s a fine looking site!

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