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  1. Steven Taylor says:

    So far, my favorite part is that once you go to the website,…nothing happens.

  2. ron thibodeau says:

    Steven, scroll your mouse over the ‘index’ and some menus pop up. I got some news, hit the links, read the artist bio.

    Yes, the ‘oddities’ and ‘original art’ pages are ‘coming soon’, and there appears to be a problem with design (as the bold white print blocks out the small white print of the index listings, but i hope they can fix that soon)

  3. Steven Taylor says:

    Thanks Ron.

  4. Steven Taylor says:

    Still, nothing. I tried scrolling and nothing came up.
    I’m certain this will be rectified at some point down the road and I will check back with the site.

  5. There are mouseover links — that’s where I got the “About” comic. Probably a software/browser issue.

    Other than that it’s a fine looking site!

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