Nice photos: Comic-Con International 2013 Photo Gallery


The San Diego Comic-Con’s official site has a nice picture gallery of the 2013 show up, that is sure to trigger flashbacks just like being there. I’d like to steal this Galactus photo for every SDCC story from here out.


  1. Well, it wouldn’t be stealing if you credited it properly, would it? ;)

  2. Photo by Barry Brown © 2013 SDCC

  3. But it’s off the official Comic-Con’s site… so she credit it.

  4. I saw the back of my head in one.. .

  5. The back of your head? Nice! I don’t think I’ve ever been in one of the official photos. Front nor back.

  6. Torsten Adair says:

    I like the herald behind him.

  7. I love the ‘on the elevator w/ Galactus and the Earth picture! Thank you!

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