Nice Art: Dark Horse Presents #2 covers by Adams and Greene

Here’s the lineup:

Covers by Neal Adams and Sanford Greene

On sale: June 22, 2011
Price: $7.99
80 pages

Creators and stories…
Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown: “Rotten Apple” Part 1 (NEW)
Robert Love and David Walker: “Number 13” Chapter 1 (NEW)
Neal Adams: “Blood” Part 2
Howard Chaykin: “Marked Man” Part 2
Paul Chadwick: “Concrete: In a Wound in the Earth”
Carla Speed McNeil: “Finder: Third World” Part 2
David Chelsea: “Snow Angel” Part 2
Richard Corben: “Murky World” Part 2
Michael T. Gilbert: “Mr. Monster vs. Oooak!” Part 2
Patrick Alexander: “The Wraith” (NEW)



  1. says

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about the relaunched Dark Horse Presents. The original DHP run was one of the first indie comics I ever picked up, and this new incarnation looks to have a great mix of creators in it.

  2. Al™ says

    Always delighted to see new work by Neal Adams, but this Sanford Greene cover is excellent too!

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