Nice art: Black Widow pulp covers

These have been all over the place, but Calamity Jon Morris’s renderings of early Marvel stories as pulp novel covers are the definition of nice art. And also, wouldn’t a line of Black Widow novels be cool?

via Lauren Faust


  1. Very cool indeed.

  2. Artist Tony Fleecs has been doing a few pulp renderings as well:

    While not pulp, the one that I really did is the Sweet Valley High-esque Gambit and Rouge.

    Good stuff, both artists.

  3. These are neat but Jon Morris isn’t rendering anything. He’s laying out these mock covers using pre-existing renderings. He says as much on his blog.

    They look cool, but credit where credit is due.

  4. filippod says:

    Nice. It reminds me of Hard Case Crime books.

  5. Al™ says:

    Nice way to feature some strong art from the past!

  6. Skyhawk says:

    I would so buy it if Bendis or Brubaker wrote them.

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