Out in July.


  1. Scott Worley says:

    w00t !!!!!!!!

  2. j schmo says:

    I’ll second that w00t… w00t, w00t!!!

  3. pete bangs says:

    wOOt the third

  4. Vootie!

  5. 99? Rude has done that many?

    W00t for me too!



  6. Rude hasn’t done that many, the “99” counts a lot of issues he didn’t draw from the Capital/First run. On the other hand, it doesn’t count the Rude-drawn original b&w magazine, NEXT NEXUS mini-series, MAGNUS/NEXUS mini-series or MAGNUS MEETS MADMAN one-shot. Rude’s probably done about 75 issues, which isn’t too shabby.

  7. Frank Santoro says:

    The return, at last, of real drawing in mainstream comics!

  8. trevor says:

    I second the motion, Mr. Santoro! Let’s put an end to the Liefeld, Lee, McFarlane, etc. era!

  9. Now I need to scour the internet for a Nexus pic for my store’s desktop!

  10. Brian Spence says:


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