News: Editorial shake-up at DCU; Bobbie Chase promoted

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We’re getting word this afternoon that a little shake-up at the DCU editorial staff has taken place. Senior Editor Bobbie Chase has been promoted to Editorial Director and current Executive Editor Eddie Berganza has been moved to a different position.

Chase is a long-time colleague of E-i-C Bob Harras, going back to their days at Marvel together. Chase was briefly E-i-C at Marvel before leaving as part of the layoffs in 2001. After leaving the comics hurly-burly, she freelanced at Disney Adventures, then served as Editorial Director for Stabenfeldt Inc., a Norwegian children’s entertainment publisher for six years. Her rising to the #2 position at the DCU certainly puts a publishing vet with a wide portfolio in the spot.

DC did not respond to inquiries for comment on this story.


  1. Chris Hero says

    Congrats to Ms. Chase. From my way outside perspective, it’s always seemed like she adds greatly to any company she works for.

    On the other hand, it sure is worrying how quickly DC is turning into an Old Boys Club for Harras. I really, really wish Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire would get out of there and go back to making the awesome creator owned comics they used to.

  2. says

    So you think the antidote for DC becoming Harras’ Old Boys’ Club is for two of the best new creators to leave so Harras can stick Howard Mackie on their books? Alrighty then.

  3. RS David says

    Hey Chris,

    You know Kindt’s got a new ongoing project for Dark Horse called MND MGMT next month? Looks good.

  4. The freaky tiki says

    Jeff Lemire also has a creator owned book coming out from Top Shelf this year… The Underwater Welder.

    The Tiki

  5. Chris Hero says

    @RS David and @freaky tiki

    No, I didn’t know either of those books were coming out. YAY!!!! I’m really, really happy to hear that because while I’m all for people like Lemire and Kindt getting paid, as a reader, I vastly prefer their creator owned work. Thanks, guys! You made my day!

    I just looked up the Kindt book…I could not possibly be more excited!

  6. Bill Scurry says

    Ms. Chase edited the best run on the Hulk that I’ve ever read, Peter David’s epic 1990s tenure. That is carte blanche to do whatever in my mind.

  7. Harry says

    Congrats to Bobbie, one of my favorite editors of all time.

    Btw, I must stop reading CBR’s forum, all the posts there are full of bile and bitterness. I have to come here to cheer up after every visit there :)

  8. the freaky tiki says

    Chris Hero, Harry (and anyone else interested)…

    If you want a GREAT place to discuss comics with a TON of knowledgable comic fans, I strongly suggest…

    No bile or bitterness. If two people or groups disagree on a subject it is usually a well thought out debate.

    the Tiki

  9. James says

    Why is the below comment in the story with a line through it?

    “DC did not respond to inquiries for comment on this story.”

    I cut and pasted it – but the line disappeared.

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