New Avengers poster shows them in new poses


New day, new Avengers poster. This time Black Widow is face front and the character in the brokeback pose is….the Hulk? Truly, this is the dawning of a new day.

In addition, this poster has definitely upped the color content from the rather drab steel-and-black color scheme that many Marvel movies use.

In other words: Hells yeah, Avengers!


  1. rich says

    Neither one of those poses looks like Brokeback. Don’t crack open the champagne just yet … especially since the poster is kinda boring.

  2. Pops Gustav says

    Seriously, why does Captain America look like Giant Man? What kind of sloppy Photoshop work is this?

  3. says

    Almost all horror and action movie posters look like they are photographed through a strange metallic fog. Is that a Photoshop filter? “And now for the finishing touch, Metalasize!”

  4. joec says

    Now doing away with Iron man’s secret identity earlier makes perfect sense: there’s no way to show everyone’s faces together if he and Cap still had secret private identities.

  5. says

    Maybe Hollywood should look at a… oh, I don’t know… maybe… a comic book cover for an idea of how to pose these characters.

  6. says

    Personally, I think it’s a crutch to just blame the designer and use cries of “Photoshop” at every weakly laid out movie poster.

    While I’ve never done a movie poster before, I’ve done PLENTY of similar projects where the demands of the client requires excessive image manipulation with copious notes that lead to a jumbled and poor composition for the final project. A lot of clients demand tons of often pointless and even MORE often random changes. In many cases, with movie posters, the designer ALSO has to account for the demands of the stars that their faces not only be prominent, but prominent in a VERY specific way. (Read up on some of the nonsense master Movie Poster artist Drew Struzan had to put up with from Julia Roberts for the “Hook” poster.)

    I can EASILY imagine the producers and management saying things like “Cap should be bigger” and ignoring the awkward results. I’ve had an art director literally say to me: “THis is perfect, but I want to make some changes so I can feel like I contributed.”

    All things considered, this could look a LOT worse. It could just be a mash of big heads or look like either of the horribly manipulated
    IRON MAN posters.

  7. Brad says

    I think we go to the Photoshop card because the very idea of an actual Avengers movie with such an eclectic, impressive cast seems surreal. at least it does to me. Looks great

    is that Avengers Tower in the background?

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