More Sana Takeda Art

Japanese artist Sana Takeda has gotten perhaps her biggest mainsteam exposure via her cover for HEROES FRO HIRE #13, but she has a website and its really worth a look. Obviously, some of her work has an erotic edge to it, but it’s equally obvious that she is versatile and talented. The cover to DRAIN #4 is above. This other piece we picked because the preview had a kitty.


  1. says

    Wow. That’s great stuff. How about a Crossing Midnight cover from her? Her work has a tone that would fit Vertigo in general. Or maybe Conan? Or, since we know she can do tentacles, Fall of Cthulhu? ;)

  2. rich says

    The second example is nice. But, oy, she needs to pull her robe a little tighter. Would we react as positively to the same image if it were Mary Jane, and drawn by a guy?

  3. michael says

    it’s sad that this can be her level of work, yet, she chose to make what she did for the Heroes cover. sad.


  1. […] Check out Takeda’s website: Her art (when she’s not just tossing something off for an American funny book publisher) is beautiful. I particularly like the one that I’m calling (without bothering to translate the actual page) “Sir Jack on the Eve of Battle”. H4H13 wasn’t her first Marvel cover either: she also illustrated the front of X-men Fairy Tales #1. (a nod to PW’s The Beat for the link to Sana Takeda’s site) […]

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