MoCCA poster and guests revealed

Mocca 2010 Poster
Dash Shaw has posted his poster and program guide cover for this year’s MoCCA, which is in only a couple of months…yeep! While the type is tiny, the poster reveals the names of this year’s guest list:
Bill Ayers — yes, THAT Bill Ayers — he has a new graphic novel out.
Gabrielle Bell
Kim Deitch
Emily Flake
Tom Hart
Jaime Hernandez
Kevin Huizenga
Paul Karasik

Neil Kleid
Peter Kuper
Michael Kupperman
Hope Larson
David Mazzucchelli
Frank Miller
Josh Neufeld
Rick Parker
Paul Pope
Henrik Rehr
Alex Robinson
Frank Santoro
Dash Shaw
James Sturm
R. Sikoryak
Jillian Tamaki
Mariko Tamaki
Raine Telgemeier
Gahan Wilson
Craig Yoe

…given all the woes and controversy, that’s a decent lineup and we’ll be there,



  1. Dollars to donuts, John Neufeld is probably Josh Neufeld.

  2. Who asked you, Don Haspiel?

  3. Dash Shaw says:

    Raina’s last name is misspelled on that poster image jpg, but I’ve since corrected it. Sorry, Raina!

  4. Jude Killory says:

    Dan Clowes isn’t going to be there pushing Wilson? How can that be?

  5. Torsten Adair says:

    I hope you’ll be there, Heidi! You’re moderating a panel!

    This sounds like an incredible line-up! And right before C2E2…. life is good…


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